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Last Night of the Earth Poem & Get It Over With

by M.P. Powers


Last Night of the Earth Poem

a night will come
and it will be my last
night. i have perceived it quite
vividly. my last hour,
last moment of aching


before my body
that’s a poisonous vine
full of little colorful
leaves, juicy thornberries & mysterious lesions
will wither & sink
in the mud.

my last spring, last hurrah,
last rain. earth will forget
me all too easily, and her rivers will go on
her peachblossoms

will blossom, her mountains, subways,
monasteries & beer gardens
will all forget.
my last song,
last fuck, last laugh,

last time to apologize, reflect & maybe
pray & say
to whatever
the hell
all that was


Get It Over With

it’s only a matter of time before
some woman
comes along and sticks her finger
in my heart, digs around and pulls me in.
i should be thrilled about all the time i’ve had to myself lately.
and i am, mostly,
but sometimes, a rift opens up. the vulnerability

inside me, deep as the red sea, tall as tres
cruces, more desolate than death
valley. the fact of me, the indiscernible

wretched duality of me,
the crack in the marble eye
of me. it’s only a matter of time

before she comes bearing warm compresses,
allergy pills, fever reducers,
aloe vera, ky jelly, muscato, mondavi, victoria’s
secret. all, poisons. but i’m sure

i’ll cave. it’d be
better if she just brought me

M.P. Powers lives in Berlin, Germany. His poems have been appeared or are forthcoming in Menacing Hedge, The Foundling Review, American Dissident, Existere, A Cappella Zoo and many other fine places. More info here: