Editor-in-Chief: Nicolette Wong

Art Editor: Eryk Wenziak

We are looking for an Associate Editor (Prose) to join our team. Visit our tumblr for more details.

Former Fiction Editors: Ariel Berry (Jan 2016-Sept 2021), Kenny Mooney (May 2012-Nov 2013)
Founding Editor: Sheldon Lee Compton (May 2010-August 2011)

Selected past issues and features:

September 2022 Issue
Twelfth Anniversary Issue
January 2022 Issue
September 2021 Issue
Eleventh Anniversary Issue
January 2021 Issue
September 2020 Issue
Tenth Anniversary Issue
January 2020 Issue
September 2019 Issue
Ninth Anniversary Issue
January 2019 Issue
September 2018 Issue
Eighth Anniversary Issue
January 2018 Issue
September 2017 Issue
Seventh Anniversary Issue
January 2017 Issue
September 2016 Issue
Sixth Anniversary Issue
January 2016 Issue
September 2015 Issue
Fifth Anniversary Issue
January 2015 Issue
September 2014 Issue
Fourth Anniversary Issue
December 2013 Issue
September 2013 Issue
Third Anniversary Issue
Second Anniversary Issue
Flash Fiction/Prose Special Issue 2012
Poetry – Maureen Alsop
Poetry – Judith Skillman
Poetry – Rose Hunter
Poetry – Luisa Muradyan
Poetry – Helen Vitoria
Fiction – Nicole Lungerhausen
Fiction – Alex Pruteanu
Fiction – Edmond Caldwell
Artwork – Jurgen Smith
Artwork – Marco Giovenale

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A-Minor Press seeks to publish full-length books of poetry and mixed genre work. Visit the press here.


One thought on “About/Archives

  1. Ted Jean says:

    Nicolette, your elegant A-Minor is a shortcut on the “Reading” start page of my smart-phone. Congratulations on your acquisition of the suite by Mary Carroll-Hackett. Thanks for your literary labor of love.

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