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My being born to them (with my set of what it is now polite to call Special Needs) was like, I suppose, coming already circumcised from the womb to a family of anti-Semites, and, anyway, later, I wondered how it happened at all. I suppose it was some trick, shall we say, of vanity, and thus they did not give me up for it would have extracted, as it were, the nails from the palms too soon. So, they clenched their fists protectively, the blood seeping between their knuckles, and he spent ever longer hours at the office, while her writings turned increasingly to Macbeth and the exit scene of Medea at her vengeance, dwelling in particular on the dragons supposed to have drawn her chariot to heaven.


Michael Jay Tucker is a former trade press editor.  He now teaches English and History in the Boston-area.