Variations on Degeneration No. 1-6

by Eryk Wenziak
















Eryk Wenziak serves as editor at In the spring of 2012, his visual art will be published by Red Fox Press (Ireland), as part of a Visual Flux Portfolio series. He also has two chapbooks scheduled for release: 4am, to be published by No Press (Canada), and 1975 published by Deadly Chaps (US).


9 thoughts on “Variations on Degeneration No. 1-6

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  2. dtomaloff says:

    Eryk, I see failed maps, possibly implying failed landscapes or symbolizing the tendency to revise history. At any rate, I love these.

    • Eryk says:

      David, thanks so much for looking and commenting on these pieces. These pieces were created at a time when certain things in my life just didn’t make sense and I was looking for a “turn,” a “revision” as you say. I’m glad you picked up on that vibe. Thanks, David.

  3. maps of a changing territory… I could see these BIG, or – I’d like to see these big so as to be able to get into the details. i like them a lot!

  4. Eryk says:

    Thank you, Rosaire! Interesting you say to blow them up. Never considered that. The “map” concept is very interesting. I really appreciate your reply.

  5. Eryk, These are fantastic!!

  6. roxixmas says:

    I see a man’s tie. Also, it’s a fish. The fish is probably dead. I enjoyed this.

  7. Eryk says:

    Misti, yes, I always see that tie so clearly, and it doesn’t allow me to see anything else. And the 4th one down always strikes me as a profile of an elongated head. Thanks for looking at these.

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