Daily Archives: June 18, 2012

Two Smiles

by Robert Vaughan. Photography by Sina Evans.


She smiles, takes a long drag off her cigarette.

“That shit’s gonna’ kill you,” he says.

She exhales away from him, toward the waves.

“Not before you do,” she says.

They watch the water recede, the small sand crabs skittle sideways.


She smiles, takes a long drag. The smoke pours out of every orifice, even her ears. I think

of Alice in Wonderland, think who might I be? The Mad Hatter? Today I’ve donned a

beret, our teacher is demonstrating how to make cowboy hats. I’m rolo-dexing through

the men I slept with last year, but I can’t recall any of their unremarkable names.







Robert Vaughan leads writing roundtables at Redbird- Redoak Writing. His prose and poetry is found in journals such as Elimae, Metazen, Necessary Fiction and BlazeVOX. His short stories are anthologized in Nouns of Assemblage from Housefire, Stripped from P.S. Books and Exquisite Quartet from Used Furniture Review. He is a fiction editor at JMWW magazine, and Thunderclap! Press. He co-hosts Flash Fiction Fridays for WUWM’s Lake Effect. His book, Flash Fiction Fridays, is a print anthology. His blog: http://rgv7735.wordpress.com.


Sina Evans is an emerging artist who explores the intersection where the visual and language arts collide, and she often blends the two in crafting a story. A native desert dweller and longtime collector of sand rubies, she and her dog Specks currently call Tucson, Arizona home.