by Marco Giovenale



a.s. 0550


a.s. 0462








Marco Giovenale lives and works in Rome. He edits gammm.org, puntocritico.eu, bina, Argo, Or, and several other websites. For Editrice Zona/QuintaDiCopertina, he’s the editor of “Logosfere”, the bilingual series (Italian-English) of Italian contemporary poetry eBooks. An ever-changing draft of his English poems or prose can be seen at differx.blogspot.com. He has authored books and eBooks of linear poetry, asemic writing, photography, and experimental prose, including “A gunless tea” (Dusie, 2007), and “CDK” (Tir aux pigeons, 2009)


2 thoughts on “(Untitled)

  1. susan tepper says:

    stunningly provocative

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