A-Minor Magazine – December 2013 Issue



Featured Excerpt: Four from If We Could Know Our Bones
Mary Carroll-Hackett



From Verse for the Dead
Ben Spivey 



Secondary Sexual Character
Joseph A. W. Quintela & Gabriel Don



new purposes for old poetry #5: homemade disposable tampon
Chrissy Core



Maureen Alsop & Joshua Gottlieb-Miller



Beyond the Thin Line  
Jen Knox 



Morning Will Be The Thing It Won’t  
Parker Tettleton



Three Pieces
David Tomaloff



You Could See The Light From Farther Then  
Mark Reep








One thought on “A-Minor Magazine – December 2013 Issue

  1. Veronica Dunn says:

    Mark, I really enjoyed, You Could See The Light From Farther Then. Liked the balance of suggested bleakness, with the possibility and hope from the light. Well done.

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