Secondary Sexual Character

by Joseph A. W. Quintela & Gabriel Don

Consider the possibility
that the time
and that radiating point,
animating an ignorance
are those who act and struggle mute
as opposed to those act and
concern a concerted effort
a nostalgia for lost origins can
be detrimental to the
neither modified nor cleaved
and the poisoned birth is every
day word for the body.
Extrinsic pathway is also a cascade.
We must now the following
question answer:
if they did all the killing
would be for nothing?
The historian must
suspend all the clamor of his
or her own consciousness,
tired bones that now
notice the omission
of the fact
a terrible embarrassment
as theory is generally
represented by
the men judge
of the beauty
of their women
to transform her
into the subject
of hysteria–
We can concentrate
to sanction
suicides that cannot
claim characters of all kinds
are inherited
by the males
and females–
but also as an injunction
to silence.



//written entirely with words excerpted from “Origin of the Species” by Charles Darwin and “Can the Subaltern Speak?” by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak//








Joseph A. W. Quintela writes poems. On Post-its. Walls. Envelopes. Cocktail napkins. Twitter. YouTube. Clothing. Anything he gets his hands on, really. His first full-length collection (BlackMarket; 2013) was released by Publication Studio Malmo as the inaugural title in their Plagiarism Series. Other work has appeared in The Collagist, ABJECTIVE, GUD, Bartleby Snopes, and Existere. As the senior editor at Deadly Chaps Press, he publishes both an annual series of chapbooks and the quarterly review, Short, Fast, and Deadly. He is the creator of the #Bookdress project, a collection of living poems that have appeared in galleries, bookstores, and museums across New York City. (


Gabriel Don received her MFA in Fiction at The New School, where she worked as the chapbook and reading series coordinator. Her work has appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Brooklyn Rail, Short Fast and Deadly, A Place We Know Well, The Nirvana Project, The Saudade Review and is upcoming in Great Weather for Media. She has appeared in visual poems such as Woman Without Umbrella ( or Unbound She is a PEN prison mentor and started two reading soiree series, Pies and Scribes and Dias Y Flores, in New York City. She is editorial staff at LIT and is also the Poetry Editor of Night Mag. Although she is Australian and grew up in Singapore and Dubai she is never leaving the Lower East Side. Gabriel Don is not merely a human, she is a #bookdress and can be found on Amazon @


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