by Bong Jung Kim










“For a long time I have been living with my instinct confined… I repressed my heart’s desires. Rather than relieving the desires, I hide them. Living against the flow of my desires. 90% of the black that covers my work is the force that suppresses my inner desires. My soul toils in the anguish of repression. As I was growing up, the external environment surrounded me with customs and regulations that forced my mind to repress. Faith, social customs and marriage shut down the flow of living desires. I wonder what my future will be with the surroundings forming and shaping the days to come….” –Bong Jung Kim, May 2014


One thought on “(Untitled)

  1. marvelist says:

    Reblogged this on Choose Your Own Adventure and commented:
    Love these gorgeous dark expressive paintings by Bong Jung Kim at aminor magazine.

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