A Very Teenaged Last Year

by Roxanna Bennett


Heartbroken, fucked up. Orpheus too, not only for you,
but all species, possibly stones. If stones speak to you
don’t talk back.They put you in the hospital for that,
and then nothing. I feel fine about this. It’s easier to not

have to make the decision about being let down.
Perpetual drama, parents, partners, persons, make
a fucking decision. Stop wanting less. Own
the other, I’m odd, old, definitely won’t go. Take

action or keep being a psych patient at home.
I’ve been certain girls, I bail first, I hate me most
with the blade edge of my being. Question
good, I wasn’t always this crazy, out of focus.

Across the ocean from not leave with her,
change her, hold her. I want to be missed
like any other animal. If you want I’m here
but inconsistent. I also sustain or exist in.




Sourced from a personal email exchange with poet Tara-Michelle Ziniuk (used with permission) intermixed with text from ‘Chus Pato and Erin Moure: A Conversation’ at Book Thug









Roxanna Bennett is a Canadian writer whose non-fiction and poetry have been published in numerous North American and UK journals. Her first collection of poems The Uncertainty Principle is available now from Tightrope Books.


One thought on “A Very Teenaged Last Year

  1. marvelist says:

    Reblogged this on Choose Your Own Adventure and commented:
    I have a found poem in this issue of A-Minor and I am well chuffed about it. Lots of great work on the site, thanks to A-Minor for running my work.

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