Citron Glitz

by Jill Khoury

after Cabaret Lounge Lizard by Kurt Weston

The hot light won’t melt
your cake. From one creamy

lobe a reptile swings wild.
Eschew rouge for a panoply

of shadows. Bloodless, splendid (pain)t.
Shiver those scales. You are about

to commit a glorious crime.
So says the broad bow of your mouth.









Jill Khoury is interested in the intersection of poetry, visual art, representations of gender, and disability. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in numerous journals, including Arsenic Lobster, Copper Nickel, Inter|rupture, and Portland Review. She edits Rogue Agent, a journal of embodied poetry and art. Her chapbook Borrowed Bodies was released from Pudding House Press (2009). Her first full-length collection, Suites for the Modern Dancer, is forthcoming from Sundress Publications (2016). You can find her at


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