poetry by Heller Levinson & artwork by Linda Lynch

QuarryI_ copy

                               (with Linda Lynch
bearing                                    the burden of
deposits                              going in to/tapping
                             where is the
                             in the
to take out/extract (extra-dition)/take away
how we carry ≥ carriage
             the carriage of removal
                 does belonging belong

choking on tide the accomplices look the other way
from upsweep this nutritive smear
a pollination pocked with lynx tongue
flagellation buried in the churn









Heller Levinson lives in New York. Published widely, his books include Pulitzer Prize nominated Smelling Mary (Howling Dog Press, 2008); from stone this running (Black Widow Press, 2012); Hinge Trio (La Alameda Press, 2012); and, Wrack Lariat (Black Widow Press) June 2015. Levinson is the originator of Hinge Theory. http://www.hellerlevinson.com

Linda Lynch lives in southern New Mexico on the US/Mexico border. She studied in San Francisco, New York City, and Africa. Her work is in numerous private and public collections including the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Harvard University Art Museums; the Menil Collection, Houston, among many others. http://www.lindalynchstudio.net


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