The Ghosts of the Future

by Roger W. Hecht

The ghosts of the future are walking among us,  
Picking fruit in the produce aisle, honking annoyingly 
the second the light turns green, haunting the back rows 
of bookstores searching for forgotten words.  
Or they haven’t yet arrived, burrowed 
In a belly full of fluid, just a bubble becoming a solid.  
Or they are halves not yet whole: two genetic threads  
to be spewed out of some future ghosts’ bodies,  
spilling then mingling then doubling, doubling, doubling.  
Then the troubling torment that follows 
the falling out into this world between those bookends:  
birth, then death. It may come quickly. But let’s hope 
it’s delayed, extended very far off into some distant time  
So they’ll have good stories to tell. 

Roger W. Hecht has poems forthcoming in Gargoyle and Redactions. His have appeared in Diagram, A-Minor, Puerto del Sol, and other journals. His chapbook, Witness Report, was recently issued by Finishing Line Press. He teaches literature and creative writing at SUNY Oneonta.


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