Each Mouth a Muscle

Jude Marr

we flee to flesh, delicate
needs fixed into beating lacks: mouths
pop, muscles figure, whatever
coexistence allows

we are wire-walking, always: we are
taught contact, like arrows
that stoop, every pinpoint
implied: but is the bullseye true?

these windows know
the dangling moon, stagnated
image of visualized time: we are achy
waiting, expert at paper darts

what if we rethink the exquisite
chase? trusting is getting: each muscle
a mouth, and nothing undersigned.

Jude Marr (they, them) is a Pushcart-nominated nonbinary poet. Jude’s full-length collection, We Know Each Other By Our Wounds, came out from Animal Heart Press in 2020. Their work has appeared in many journals, including ONE Magazine, Cherry Tree, SWWIM Every Day, and Feral: A Journal of Poetry and Art. 


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