By Matthew  Müller

And so it happened that Mary was once again with child, and Joseph, who had had marital relations with her, took it to be his own. But when the child was born it came in the shape of a lion and leapt to the fields, devouring sheep and the shepherds that tended them. For nights they hunted the beast, until Jesus was found with him, and the lion was bent before him, and from his mouth Jesus had taken the arm of a child, whose soft bones the lion loved so much, and so it was between them.


Matthew Zanoni Müller was born in Bochum, Germany and grew up in Eugene, Oregon and Upstate New York. He recently received his MFA from Warren Wilson’s MFA Program for Writers and teaches at his local Community College. To learn more about his work and publications, please visit:


One thought on “BROTHER LION

  1. Eric says:

    A story which makes one ponder.

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