Daily Archives: October 3, 2011

Tall Tree

By Neila Mezynski


Tall tree word

Too big. Don’t fit in car, arm leg head feet mouth big. Open wide. Teeth. Wanna go where no girl been without lookin. Her. At. Name callin she was beyond such, silly. Head in cloud she invent idea word sound of extreme nice. Love word sound. She solvin of problem and the understood of said problem like mind people understand word sound music. Dance. No size restraint for that. She put it word it write squeeze head fill up with think not small but large. Dip dive moon swoon june. Ghanistan. Conomy. Gesundtheit! She figure out what need to be think. Melon head body mind grasp. Sizeable. Topic large needin solvin. Tree girl big brain.

Leafy tall tree

Too many. Ivy. All the way up, it went. Arm branch couldn’t breathe wave, held down. Totem pole sculpt. Beautiful. Quiet. Stand sparkle. At first ivy want to drop by, nice visit. Occasional. Come on over, I’ll make tea said tall tree tree. Ivy like that. Don’t have plan herself during day. Or night. Ivy like it. Tea. Want to come and visit every day all day pretty soon couldn’t wouldn’t didn’t leave. Tall tree ran out of tea. Ivy brought that too. Then. Accomodatin. Tree having trouble breathin ivy so much. There. Thinkin, sortin’, gabbin, all day. Ivy start out visitin at bottom around tree root foots then up around baby tree makin area on up to fork pit, lovely smile pleasant interestin things to say. Tree notice she gettin quiet standin lookin beautiful sparkle all day, nice at first now startin to worry. Tree missin time for complex troublin think. Wave branches round think, ugly like, not lovely green wrap round every leaf in place don’t muss think. Stand. Still. Ivy crawlin closer to top of tree tree. Always nice pleasant face interestin ideas. Tall tree hardly notice. Nice smile.

Tall tree tree

Nighttime. Tree tall still. Come quiet. Heavy boot soft. Hard on hat. Shiny sharp. Blade. Sneakin up, tree. Noose around branch still. Baby swaddlin snug. Hardly feel sharp at first round foot, you see. Proceed on up to thinkin area, thought unclear. Far away. Disconnect. Disect, vivisect. Continuum. None. Match. Fire on twig. Log. Scatter to the wind. Tall tree. She win. Sortta.

For The Forest

Sweet tippy toe reach in between high. Song
sweet if only one sing. Fall. Clap. Hear. Yup.

Tree tall noose sharp boot soft teeth. Snug. Start.



Neila Mezynski is the author of Glimpses, a collection of short fiction from Scrambler Books; a pamphlet from Greying Ghost Press; an e-chapbook from Patasola and three chapbooks from Folded Word Press (Sept/Oct 2011), Mud Luscious Press and Deadly Chap Press (Short, Fast, and Deadly).