Daily Archives: October 24, 2011

Gala & [sublime climates & botanicals]

By Helen Vitoria

I am standing in your painting
only you do not see me
next to me the wolfhounds are not making a sound
feeling your vertigo
It’s what the dead do−
but, this is how I chose to live
till someone says: deliberate duende
your vivid color, your brushstroke
smear and drip on canvas as if guilt
has clumped itself to oil
then separated−
a severed beauty?
a locust makes rubbing his brittle waxed leg
an extreme pleasure, a destructive force
It is only then you remember
my laugh
my eyes
the broken hands of eleven children

[sublime climates & botanicals]

I know nothing of hyacinths
          or the genetic laws of inheritance
still, I got the hang of it−
                     the deliberate needle
                     a burying of narrow rain-bands
                                            & anti-manic activity
all these careless platforms
every uneasy feeling
          a constant naming of horses

[sublime climates & botanicals]

a season of overeager plantings
some wreckage of lemons, pomegranates & lamb’s ear
I adore the brownest of spiders
                     fragile skin I liken to yours
what if every guilt we ever felt was an orange glint of glass reflection?
we would swallow easier
                     if our radar was not a monsoon
                     if the starlings would settle off the trees

Helen Vitoria lives and writes in Effort PA. Her work can be found and is forthcoming in over fifty online and print journals including: elimae, PANK, MudLuscious Press, >kill author, Poets & Artists Magazine, FRIGG Magazine and Dark Sky Magazine. Her chapbooks: The Sights & Sounds of Arctic Birds and Random Cartography Notes are available as e-chaps from Gold Wake Press, 2011, BLACKWATER: A PNEUMATIC DISTURBANCE is available from Red Ochre Press, 2011. Her first full length poetry collection: Corn Exchange, is forthcoming from Scrambler Books, Winter 2011. She is the Founding Editor and Editor in Chief for THRUSH Poetry Journal. Find her here: